Elusive Grounds

Elusive Grounds

Elusive Grounds – a collective exhibition and sensing platform consisting of mycological workshops, experiments and educational trails that actively challenge the ostensible binaries of art and science and that seeks to connect the various forms of (more-than-)human knowledges like science, artworks, technological tools, sensors, sensual experience and situative experiments.

elusive grounds, muchrooms, fungi, network, collaboration, non human

Inspired by the elusive shapes, forms and forces of fungi, the group exhibition “Elusive Grounds” itself is a living organism, a sensing installation, which you are able to enter. The hybrid exhibition format is a result of an intensive research phase, where the artists collaborated with the mycologist Martin Schlecht, in order to craft knowledge that mediates multiple sensual experiences and information around the communities of more-than-human entities.

Entanglements of complex ecological processes are facilitated during the exhibition period. We may learn how to change our human perspective on ecological crisis while entering the micro-worlds of fungi and the processes of living, dying and reviving.

The artists are zooming in on the microbial cultures, which only exist in the form of communities. Media artist Laura Fong Prosper’s work ‘lamellae, pores and teeth is an interplay between scientific observation, technological synthesis and sentient beings. The CCTV installation was developed in a playful act with her son and creates itself during the interaction with the audience. Listen to fermentation processes with Tin Wilkes and Matías Brunaccis sound installation Composing Habitats, created in collaboration with plonk GmbH: extracted data morphing into sounds, tapping into the fungal networks. A living sculpture where sensors, algorithms and microorganisms create unique ephemeral voices. In For aurality :: mycelia, Niko De Paula Lefort is setting up a hybrid microFM-mycelium ecosystem that amplifies vibrational fields from slight impulses of the mycelium to the movements of the visitors in the gallery to atmospheric changes. The work attempts to light up environmental consciousness and mediate multi-species interconnectivity. Silvia Noronha translates the nouveau discoveries of fungal symbiosis and communication abilities into a visual installation Fluid channels that makes reference to the occult time scales and magnitudes.

Elusive Grounds is hosted by Raum für Drastische Maßnahmen in Berlin Friedrichshain. The gallery is holding space for this unique temporary learning and sensing platform. During the exhibition period mycological workshops, experiments and educational trails actively challenge the ostensible binaries of art and science. Besides the exhibition, Elusive Grounds consisted of a variety of of art mediation activities. With the art transfer series Elusive Grounds brought visitors out into the actual field of experimentation: forest and nature. In these habitats close to the city, mycologists guided visitors through the fascinating world of fungi on various topics.

Gefördert durch die Akademie der Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen des Programms NEUSTART KULTUR