Previous Next In April 2017 we received a donation of fruit and other trees. A member of the Association turned out to have an old fruit tree plantation outside of Berlin. We decided to turn it in to an agroforestry project and gave the donated trees a new home. 

Previous Next In March 2018 we organized a one-week environmental education activity with a biology class of the Andreas-Gymnasium in Berlin. On the agenda: the ecological context of natural regeneration as a principle of forest development and appropriate measures to support it. Students learned the theory and worked hands-on. Thus, a series of boxes for jays and perches for birds of prey have been created for the forest area in Bugk that we manage. Now, the offspring of young oak trees on the former monoculture of pines can grow up protected against predators, such as deer and mice.

Each of the three project locations is located on the former Inca Foothills and adjoins national park areas: the Munay Suyu Costa on the Pacific coast, near Canoa, the Munay Suyu Andes, in the Andes near the city of Cuenca, and the Munay Suyu Amazonia, in the tropical Rain forest near the village Tena. We have been working on the vision of the Munay Suyu since the spring of 2018. There is much to do in the “School for ancient wisdom”. Since the project sites have not been maintained for many years, many invasive plant species have spread that are…

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