Education – pachacútec project

Education – pachacútec project

Munay Suyu“, part of the Pachakútec project in Ecuador, is being organized by the Inca priest Naupamy Pumy together with his family and friends. They have created three places where ancient Inca traditions are taught, people in nature find a personal balance and gain a better understanding of nature. The basis of teaching is the respect and coexistence with nature in all its forms.

Each of the three project locations is located on the former Inca Foothills and adjoins national park areas: the Munay Suyu Costa on the Pacific coast, near Canoa, the Munay Suyu Andes, in the Andes near the city of Cuenca, and the Munay Suyu Amazonia, in the tropical Rain forest near the village Tena.

We have been working on the vision of the Munay Suyu since the spring of 2018. There is much to do in the “School for ancient wisdom”. Since the project sites have not been maintained for many years, many invasive plant species have spread that are not part of the native ecosystem. In order to be able to regenerate the native vegetation and to be able to realize the planned use, the necessary conditions must first be created in the centers.

The site is criss-crossed by a network of paths and entries to the individual acreages and infrastructures. Existing routes must be maintained and, if necessary, further supplemented. The invasive plant species are mechanically removed and targeted native species are planted.

In his teaching, Naupamy Pumy is also concerned with the return to a more natural diet – from what the land gives humans in harmony with nature. Our partners plan land for sustainable agricultural land use and carry out the necessary earthworks, e.g. Soil profile analyzes, straightening or terrace construction.